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Jeffery Systems, of Pullman, Washington USA, is pleased to offer the following titles for sale, and in some cases, for free. Mail orders should be sent to the address at the bottom of the page; on-line ordering, including credit card orders and payments in Euros and UK pounds sterling, are available via Paypal, an Ebay company. Please report any technical problems to .

Unicon and Icon Books

Free Bookrate Shipping is offered to the continental U.S. For international shipping, see below. We recycle shipping materials (boxes, etc.) when possible.
The principal definition of the Unicon language is "Programming with Unicon". The book's source and PDF are available on-line under the GNU Free Documentation public license; hard copies are available here for your convenience. Please send us your comments and any corrections you find in the book. This 2nd edition is around 500 pages. We update the book occasionally as-needed in order to document new features. You can order this book in black & white or color, softbound. The paper size will be 5.83"x8.27" or 6.5"x8.5", depending on available printer and paper supplies. The pricing is according to the following schedule:

Black & White

These books are handmade and may exhibit slight variations and flaws.

"The Icon Programming Language" is the primary definition for Icon. Since Unicon is a superset of Icon, everything in this book is useful and relevant to Unicon programmers. List: $35, Our Price: $20.00. Due to the generosity of Ralph and Madge Griswold, this book is available free in electronic format from Icon Project!
"Graphics Programming in Icon" is a 520 page book describing Icon's graphics facilities and many applications. All of these great graphics facilities developed for Icon are also part of Unicon. Note: Robert Parlett has written a richer, better-designed, more extensible graphical user interface builder and class library, and Naomi Martinez has written a set of 3D graphics facilities for those platforms on which OpenGL is available. These features are documented in "Programming with Unicon" and Unicon Technical Reports #6 and #9. "Graphics Programming in Icon" is still needed in order to use these improved tools. List: $45, Our Price: $15.00, or $4.00 for students, faculty, Unicon Citizens, IPL authors, or with purchase of another book. Due to the generosity of Ralph Griswold, Clint Jeffery, and Gregg Townsend, this book is available free in electronic form from Icon Project.
sale price
Icon Programming for Humanists, 2nd Edition, by Alan D. Corre is a 7x9.25" paperback, 125pp. We are pleased to publish this out-of-print classic, with many updates and a new chapter on processing of markup languages ($20 postpaid in USA; first printing, 9/2010).
"Program Monitoring and Visualization", published by Springer! This book presents software visualization at a level suitable for a senior-level undergraduate or graduate course, or for the interested technical professional. The approach is to give a survey of the field, and then present a specific research framework designed to reduce the effort required to write visualization tools. A wide range of simple program control flow and data structure visualizations is then presented as examples of how to obtain information about program behavior, and how to present it graphically. Source code fragments and screen images illustrate each example. The book is the primary reference on Icon and Unicon language extensions for high-level monitoring and visualization. These facilities are further enhanced in Unicon, which provides them as a standard part of the language. Errata List: $60, Our Price: 55.00

Used and Rare Books

We have a few other books which may be used, rare, or interesting. Many of them will be of special interest to scholars of programming languages and systems, or have an Arizona CS connection. If you are looking for something in these areas, feel free to e-mail a request.

"The Implementation of the Icon Programming Language" is a tour de force among programming language books, describing Icon's virtual machine implementation in detail, especially its control- and data structures. This Princeton University Press book is out of print. We have an hardbound used copy in excellent condition available. Due to the generosity of Ralph and Madge Griswold, this book is also available free in electronic format from Icon Project! Our Price is $55.00
The classic introductory book: The Snobol4 Primer. This copy is in very good used condition, pages bright and corners not bent, with a slight mark or two on the cover. 184 pages. Our price: $15.00.

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Resellers and Volume Discounts

Resellers and other volume purchasers can receive a discount according to the following schedule. To place an order at a reseller/volume discount, you will need to pay in advance by mail unless other arrangements are made. This discount is for multiple copies of the same book. The discount does not apply to the Unicon book at this time, as they are hand-made.
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Although we are not a "non-profit" organization, proceeds from book sales will directly benefit the further open-source development of Unicon, the modern extended implementation of Icon. Jeffery Systems also provides Icon and Unicon consulting, support, and contract programming services. Unicon coinventor Clinton Jeffery is Jeffery Systems president and chief scientist; Susie Jeffery is Jeffery Systems proprietor and senior software engineer.

As an experiment, we are keeping a public track of our book balance. You can view on this page the progress we are making towards acquiring hardware, software, or publication resources for use by the Unicon project, or resources that can buy time for Clint Jeffery or a student research assistant to work on improving Unicon. Most improvements to Unicon are the result of volunteers on multiple continents donating their time to add capabilities they wish to use themselves, but Jeffery Systems will hire students to make contributions when we can. Book orders will be reflected in this balance when they are shipped, at which time the shipping costs are known and the net proceeds can be determined.

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Major Expenditures

Funds raised by Jeffery Books play a role in promoting Icon, Unicon and related programming languages and systems. Support from users will be what determines the long-term health and rate of development for this language family. We will list major expenditures here, to record what your user community support has accomplished.
Year Amount Description
2002 $900 Icon books acquisition
A quantity of Icon books was retrieved from California in order to ensure that these titles would remain available for the indefinite future.
2004-5 $409 acquisition
The Internet domain was acquired for use by the project. In 2005 it was renewed for 8 years.
2004 $350 - Our First Fellow
Our first student award is a "down payment" on a source level debugger for Unicon.
2007 $275 ISBNs
we buy a few ISBN's in order to put some works in print.
2012 $130 domain renewed for 8 years.