Download Unicon

Source Code
Unicon 12.1 source distribution for UNIX and MS Windows, .zip compressed archive format, approximately 7.2MB (updated 11/2/2014). Often, these .zip files are not updated often enough, and folks who wish to keep up with new features and bugfixes obtain their sources from the SVN repository. SVN is a bit less stable though. The sources generally build on: Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, OpenBSD and other platforms as well. We welcome ports and configuration updates! Past (archival) versions:
Unicon 12.0 binary distribution for Intel Win32 platforms, approximately 10MB.
Unicon Book
The Unicon book, 2nd edition Internet draft. Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, from LaTeX open source that is included in the Unicon SVN repository checkout. (code listings and errata). Hard copies are available; see the Books section.